People’s Choice Awards

It’s that time of year again. The voting for nominations for People’s Choice has begun. So we need to get to it. Now I do want to warn people, don’t get your expectations up. Last year was a major disappointment, not only to the Person of Interest fans but also to the Grey’s fans. We had cast millions of votes, as instructed during the voting period, and they weren’t counted. I think that the People’s Choice people didn’t realize how powerful Twitter could be as a voting function. So if we vote and vote a lot yet no nomination happens just know that People’s Choice isn’t exactly “People’s Choice”. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t vote at all, it just means this year as the process continues we’ll need to not depend on Twitter so much.

There are several categories to choose Person of Interest in:

Favorite TV Crime Drama
Favorite Crime Drama TV Actor – Select Jim Caviezel, write in Michael Emerson
Favorite Crime Drama TV Actress – Write in Sarah Shahi and Amy Acker
Favorite TV Character We Miss The Most – Select Carter (even though this will cause people to dwell on stuff that shouldn’t be dwelt on)

Those are your voting categories or you can be me and write in votes in other categories as well, like Best TV Drama. LOL!

Vote here! You may have to click through to find your categories or look at the bottom and find them. We have until October 30th to vote, so get to it and vote multiple times. Also spread the word.

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Person of Interest 4.07 Honor Among Thieves Press Release


“Honor Among Thieves” – Shaw joins a team of international thieves in order to keep tabs on the latest POI, but an unexpected turn of events puts her in danger of being detected by Samaritan.  Also, Finch and Root undertake a dangerous sabotage mission, on PERSON OF INTEREST, Tuesday, Nov. 11 (10:01-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

CHEAT TWEET: Shaw’s a perfect fit to track a daring thief, but will their heist catch Samaritan’s eye? #PersonOfInterest 11/11 10:01pm


Jim Caviezel

(John Reese)

Michael Emerson

(Harold Finch)

Kevin Chapman

(Lionel Fusco)

Sarah Shahi

(Sameen Shaw)

Amy Acker



Andreas Damm



Adrian Bellani


Johnny Sparks


David Vadim


Faina Vitebsky


Drew Hildebrand


Theodora Woolley


Nick Tarabay


Ryan Buggle


Cameron Pow


Raushanah Simmons


Debargo Sanyal


WRITTEN BY: David Slack

DIRECTED BY: Sylvain White


Photos are available at:

Official CBS Website: 



Instagram: POI_CBS

CBS Twitter: 

Cast on Twitter:

Kevin Chapman


Sarah Shahi


Amy Acker


Bear the Dog


POI Writers Office


* * *

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Person of Interest 4.05 Prophets Thoughts

If you haven’t seen this episode please don’t read this.

I enjoyed this episode. It really was a lot better than last weeks.

I found the interaction between Root and Harold very nice. The writers during the Nerdist Writers Panel stated that fans are very forgiving of characters, especially those who had done “evil” even to our own favorite characters and I think Root is a prime example of this. And now it seems that Harold has come around as well. Recognizing the good in her, even though I think she freaks him out a bit.

What I found most interesting were the flash backs and showing just how dangerous AI can be. They don’t have a moral code, at least Harold doesn’t seem to believe so. Even though he taught the Machine to “be moral” Harold seems to think that once the code altered, once it protected itself, that any code he built in it for the Machine to do right and wrong went out the window. I think after his experience with building the Machine it’s understandable that he’d have a hard time trusting the Machine and it’s “moral code” because he’s going based on it trying to kill him before.

It’s almost like the Data scenario in Star Trek with Lore. Where Dr. Snoogn (sp?) built Lore who had emotions and then went evil because he had no real moral compass, he did what he wanted and didn’t care. So they “destroyed” him and built Data who was stripped of what the Dr. believed caused the evil behavior, his emotions. Just like Harold “crippled” the Machine to make it do right instead of wrong. But in Star Trek, Data did find the emotion chip and although there was concern the he decided to install it and see what would happen, believing his experiences with the crew and others would shape his moral compass rather than make him bad like Lore was. And he turned out okay, because that’s what shaped his moral compass, not the programming to never do wrong, but rather his understanding of human behavior and right verses wrong.

And I like to believe the Machine learned human behavior, learned to care and understand how society works and the importance of people in general. Samaritan never was taught this. It just has an objective, which I’m not completely sure we’ve figured out yet, and it’s willing to do whatever it takes to complete it’s objective. The Machine doesn’t work that way. Sure it has an objective, but it’s objective is that no one comes to harm, good or bad. Also it seems to care a great deal about Harold, which I think Root was trying to get across to him. Yes it’s an AI that at one point tried to kill him, but he taught it well and shaped it well, and it learned what it needed to in order to not go around being evil. Because even when asking the team to kill the Senator, it wasn’t doing so to protect itself, it was doing so to protect Harold. Oddly enough this is what I think the entire point of what the Machine is doing. To make sure Harold lives. A child protecting it’s father.

Anyhow this entire concept and process for Harold is very interesting to me and I can’t wait to see if the Machine will talk to Harold and where it will go from there.

Reese’s therapy sessions were interesting. First I truly think sometimes the writers call out their own writing, recognizing that normal police officers don’t shoot people that much. So they use this fact almost in a way to tease the way the series is written but also really get into the reasons behind why Reese does what he does. Frankly I was holding back tears when he talked of Carter and helping people because if he doesn’t, who will?

I do have one complaint, robotic Samaritan woman. She’s like the woman from Terminator (the most recent one). I don’t understand this lack of emotion, this robot way of working that these “bad ass” operatives work under. Do I expect her to show a ton of emotions, of course not. But I think them being a bit more human would be more appropriate. I think they almost write characters this way to make it harder for the audience to attach to them. It’s easy to hate someone you aren’t emotionally attached to.

What exactly did Root want Harold to tell Shaw if she didn’t make it? We can all guess. We’ll all probably be completely wrong though. Because that’s how the writers are.

I think this episode was the beginning of Harold really deciding he’s going to win this war, not just survive it. So it will be interesting to see where it goes from here.

On a side note, the preview for next week hilarious. This episode kind of teased about John’s tendency to shoot a lot of people, and next week they are going to tease about the way he talks. I love it!

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So I know there is a lot of news that floats around, a lot of interviews, pictures from behind the scenes set visits and what not. I though don’t typically post those because I myself try to avoid too many spoilers. The promos are okay and while I do sometimes look at some of the photos from set visits, most of the time I don’t make an active effort to find them. I like the surprise, not knowing. Also last year after having many episodes either ruined or expectations be sorely disappointed due to incorrect speculation I’ve decided I’m just not going to participate in it anymore.

This too also means I avoid most if not all articles written about the show. I’ve found that the show’s producers are great at putting out a little info and leaving everyone to speculate what it means. Which most of the time, we’re wrong about. So I just avoid it in general. So that’s why you don’t see articles (which lately there have been many) about the show on this blog. I could probably technically post them, and maybe I’ll do that in the future, as like a weekly article round up, but right now I’m probably going to keep to not doing it.


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